SEO Bristol

Ranking for terms like SEO Bristol

When thinking about ranking your website in you area you should start by picking keywords like SEO Bristol or something relevant to your particular area. When I work on my own websites I try to ensure the words that I choose make sense to the end user and more importantly they are the ones that are going to sell the most product for me.

There is no point in setting up your whole website to try to attract new customers for a keyword that no-one is actually typing in. Many agencies will offer this keyword research to try to attract you as a new SEO client and so it is worth asking someone to have a look at this before you do a lot of work that could be futile.

Doing this yourself is not that hard but there are limitations, you can get the top line figures for a search via Google Adwords but whilst it does give you the numbers of people that type that do type in and search for a keyword it does not give you an accurate picture as to how hard it will be for you to get your website to the front page. If you do do it yourself it is probably going to be a good idea to test a few and don’t try to go for the huge search terms that deliver many thousands of visitors.

If you really want to get results then unfortunately it may be the case that you will need help from a professional. Going online and ranking can lead to great quality leads for your business but clearly this will obviously come at a cost. The cost may be a physical one if you pay someone to do this for you or time as this will be a long haul. Whichever way you look at it getting online is a great way of driving in more business so why not give it a go

Choosing the best Estate agents Cardiff has to offer

One of the estate agents in Cardiff are showing us this flat

We are moving and choosing a the best estate agents cardiff
has has been a priority for the last few weeks and the clocks ticking to find somewhere decent fast. My new job starts in less than a month so we have been visiting as many as possible to find a place to live for 6 months until we decide on whether to move down permanently or not.

There is so much do to and so little time to do it but it is also really exciting and a big move for us. Luckily we already have a few friends through work in Cardiff and they are organising a welcome night out and we are both really looking forward to that. A couple of them are crazy so it should be a fun night and they have it all planned out for when we come down in three weeks.

We short listed estate agents all over Cardiff

We have a shortlist of places to view and we are coming down next week to view them all on the same day the one really big positive is the rents are much lower in Cardiff and so we can afford a bigger place than we are used too. One of our favourites is a cracking flat just outside the city centre in the bay area. Location wise its amazing as the bay is really nice and has restaurants and walks and a two minute drive or ten minute walk you are in the city centre and in shopping heaven. As well as shopping there are some great pubs and night clubs and even a huge stadium that has loads of sporting and music events on in it.

Cardiff is buzzing and we think we already have the right estate agent for us

Cardiff is absolutely buzzing and we can’t wait to experience it all there is so much going on and its relatively small so its so easy to get around and do things without having to travel miles and get stuck in traffic. we will of course miss all our friends but there are always visits both ways and they are looking forward to coming to Wales to visit us as soon as we are settled in and ready.

Not sure which of them we are going with as we can afford a two bedroom house as well but these are a bit further out and not as close to the action as the flat. I guess we will have to weigh it all up and make a decision once we see the ones we have shortlisted but we are both leaning towards the more central location. Wish us luck in our next trip to Wales and hopefully in a month we will be in our new place and enjoying a new life in the capitol.

How funny maybe EJ should do a hair extensions guide!

funny make up
My little one has yet again left me in tears with her sense of humour. The missus was working this weekend and I was doing a bit around the house calling out to EJ every so often to check she was ok. Fine Dad was the general response but then it went a bit quiet and that often means trouble!
What I was faced was hysterical as she had got hold of the wife’s make up and hair extensions and decided she wanted to have a make over.
She should really be involved in creating guides like this from what I saw. From head to toe she had taken every care to add as much details to every part of the look. To be fair I should have been taking more notice but to be honest I am really glad I wasn’t as the end result was a picture that will never leave my memory.
The wife was less than happy about the state of her bit though and I was in the dog house for a good few hours but even her resolve was shaken when she saw the pictures on my phone. Who knows she may end up a famous make up artist but I doubt it. The hair extensions are a write off though and I have been told its going to cost me a pretty penny to replace them. I have suggested trying to wash out the make up but the look I got in return was that of complete disgust and so I guess I will have to put my hand in my pocket.

My advice for Dad’s is, if its quiet be afraid and make sure you check or you will end up spending 2 hours cleaning up a mess made in a matter of minutes.

Plaques on the player of the season says ME!

Player of the season plaques with my name on them

It is fair to say we have had a great season and winning a trophy with plaques bearing my name was a fitting end. As well as winning our division to gain promotion to the first division I personally scooped an award.

I thought this season was going to be a build up to next year after getting a few very good new players on board I thought it would take a while to gel. Straight from the first game though it’s clicked and we have stormed away to win the league in our best season ever.

We have scored lots of goals and one of the new boys is electric up front bagging thirty goals already this season and two games to go, needless to say he’s got the golden boot award sewn up already unless our winger can get 5.5 goals a game and he doesn’t score again.

Wooden spoon awards goes to lightning for his abysmal own goal leading to a poor draw at a team struggling at the bottom. How he managed to score from the angle he was is beyond me and at the other end he couldn’t hit the target if he had twenty penalties with an open goal.

Plaques unveiled at the awards

At the end of every season it’s always the annual awards night at our local pub and this year was a cracking bash. One of the boys is in a band and so they did a live set and after that it was all about who won this seasons awards.

So much tension and I was staggered that I picked one but the funniest was lightening who had to pick up his after consuming a fair few beverages. His speech was a highlight and combined an amazing array of swear words and rambling that left us all in stiches and has given us plenty of ammunition for him to get ribbed for a twelve month.

lightning strike plaques were classic

Lightning strike plaques read “lightning despite your efforts we still won the league” to which he stated to the hysterical audience hat we could all just f*ck off anyway!
A great night was topped off with a trip to town that ended in a 5am finish and massive hangover for the next day. After meeting two of the boys for breakfast well late brunch we met up for a cheeky pint with lightening who didn’t look to healthy to say the least.
To say our star defender looked rough is an understatement he was a mixture of grey and green and if I didn’t know better I would have said he had weeks to live.
We have only a couple of games now to go before it’s the end of the season one home and one away. We should win both and if we do we will have a record points total for a season. As for my trophy with my name plaques on it that is now centre stage above my fire and whilst the girlfriend hates it, it stays!